Floral designer Jitka Daňková: I love gardening. It is my life

Forty-year-old Jitka Daňková comes from a small village Blažovice near to Brno in the Czech Republic. She works as a floral designer in Blooming Walls, with a focus on interior and exterior too. Her career in this profession has lasted more than twenty years and she has still worked with the same energy and original ideas as in the beginning. She likes challenges, which other people maybe deny with an assumption that a solution is too difficult. „I prefer working in secluded places with products of Blooming Walls, in complicated sites, where I am limited by place or by a form of its utilization,” the designer says about her job that is her hobby simultaneously.

What do you do exactly in your job?

I am a floral designer and I work in interior and in exterior too.

How long have you done this job?

I´ve done this job more than twenty years.

What did you encourage to do this job?

It was my mother and our family gardening company.

Do you have any professional idol, somebody who you admire and who inspires you?

I haven´t got a concrete idol. I draw inspiration from nature, a place where I live, children, everyday situations, travelling and similar easy aspects of life.

Do you work alone or in a team?

Both. This combination suits me.

Do you have any work experience from abroad?

Yes, I have, thanks to my sister, who lives in Ireland. She works as a manager in a flower shop and she hires me as a floral designer during St. Valentine\'s Day and Mother\'s Day. I also did a garden project for her friend in Ireland. In Germany, I prepared wedding floral decoration for one of the daughters of Schwarzkopf family.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Is it for example your working hours, meetings with interesting people, contact with nature or anything different?

Definitely, it is flexibility and freedom that carries also a big amount of discipline and organization. I am a very active person, I like organized things, but I also like spontaneous acting and spontaneous ideas. All this is reflected in my work, which is very energetic. I like solving of complicated challenges, because I can apply my original ideas during the process.

Have you ever taken part in any competition concerning your profession?

Yes, in some period, I wanted to try a competition, where I could apply my knowledge and experience. I took part in competitions joined to the exhibitions Flora Olomouc and I gained the first and the fourth place. However, I found out, that participation in such competitions don´t satisfy me and that time sacrificed to competitions is absent in work. I consider it as necessary experience but I don´t need to take part in other competitions.

What do you like on products of Blooming Walls? Which advantages the products have for you and what do you appreciate on them?

Creativity, functionality, style and playfulness. (smile)

Which products of Blooming Walls your clients like the most?

They like the most the pockets for flowers. Maybe a reason is that they were introduced to market as the first of all our products, so people know them and have more experience with them.

What is your favourite product of Blooming Walls? I mean for work.

I like working with all products, but as every designer, I am always looking forward to new products. When an innovation comes, I have a feeling that “this is it” for my current project.

Where do you use the products of Blooming Walls the most frequently?

I have no priority. I really like outside living, summer season, herbs and blooming perennials. Nevertheless, I like also green walls in interiors, so I use products suitable for interior and exterior too. As far as a place is concerned, I Iike the most working with products in secluded places, where I am limited by place or by a form of its utilization.

Where we can see your realised ideas or projects?

I can name for example the Pepe food restaurant in Škrobárenská Street in Brno or the Child Groups Bublinky in Brno-Kohoutovie, Brno-Bystrc and in Blažovice.

Do you have any feedback on the products from your clients? What they appreciate?

Yes, I have. Our clients are delighted about the utilization of space. A lot of people tell me: “We have not much space, but we would like to have at least a bit of green vegetation, is it possible?” I am happy that I can reply: “Yes, the products of Blooming Walls are absolutely great for your wish.” (smile)

When you first used the products of Blooming Walls in you work?

I have hung the first prototype of the pockets for flowers in my house. I love flowers and due to our children I didn´t want to give up on them. Therefore, I moved the flowers from windowsills and from the ground to the pockets on the walls.

So you use the products of Blooming Walls also in your own house.

Sure. I have mainly the pockets for flowers in my house. Where there is no daylight I use it with artificial flowers. Where there is daylight I use it with real flowers. In the garden and in the yard I have seasonal flowers in the pockets and now I am preparing my terrace for Big Bag which is suitable for growing herbs, vegetables or fruits on a terrace or anywhere where it is not possible to have garden beds.

What colourful combinations do you like the most?

Colourful (laugh), but I prefer cold tones.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I also work because my job is my hobby and I devote to my family too.

Do you like gardening?

I love gardening. It is my life.

What are your favourite flowers?

Peonies, hydrangeas, agapanthus, alstroemerias and all meadow flowers and herbs.