The story of The Green Pockets® and how we resolved the issue with houseplants and babies.

I am sure that every mother knows what I am going to tell you. The issue with house plants and babies.

Mommies want to make a beautiful house full of plants but "little gardeners" want to help :-) Until we can explain to our little gardeners that help is not needed, it is a real fight. In most cases, house plants lose the battle.

A few years ago our interior designer - my sister :-) was dealing with and trying to come up with a solution to this little dilemma. She did not want to give up her beautiful interior full of house plants.

One of her businesses was making her own labeled children's clothes and designing children's wall pockets, and so she came up with the idea for some unique wall planters.

Everybody loved the idea but it was not as easy to turn this idea into a product, however, we did it and thanks to the high-quality material that the The Green Pockets are made from, you can enjoy colour, design, functionality, and your plants together with a lovely peaceful cup of coffee.