Pat Keville, Owner of Plant Store, Dublin

“It is a great product for growing plants on redundant wall space in offices,” Pat Keville, who brings joy through plants to people, says about The Green Pockets®

Pat Keville from Dublin (Ireland) has an indoor plant business with three distinct areas: on-line retail plant sales, indoor plant installation for offices (plant rental) and horticultural workshops facilitated to corporate groups. He has done this business for 11 years. “I grew up in a family with a strong connection with horticulture,” Pat gives a reason for his interests.

He loves especially indoor plants and he really enjoys people and their love of plants. He has not got any concrete professional idol. Simply put, he just admires people with passion and conviction in their work. Just like Pat. He definitely has a big passion for horticulture and his job. His experience from abroad can be proof. He worked for example in London (UK), Siret (Romania), Adelaide and Melbourne (Australia), and in Honduras and Nicaragua, which are the states in Central America. Moreover, he took part in a competition at “Bloom in the Park in Ireland” with his team in 2007 and all next years and they won a lot of medals.

Pat uses The Green Pockets® from Blooming Walls in his work. “It is a great product for growing plants on redundant wall space in offices. It’s colorful and functional for growing plants, as a living art piece,” Pat says about them. His team uses The Green Pockets® for plants installation work in their client´s offices. According to his words, the clients love the colours of The Green Pockets® and also appreciate that they reduce echo and noise in indoor spaces.

Pat uses The Green Pockets® also in his own house. He likes mixed colours dependent on internal decor. Although he has not got much free time, he walks a lot - mountain trails are his second passion.