The Green Pockets® AMMA and PEVA - joining bringing even more joy


You have certainly known our Green Pockets® AMMA and PEVA yet. If you've already tried them, then you know that they keep their shape all the time because they are reinforced with fiberglass bars in the top and bottom to prevent deformation. In addition, you can easily hang them. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel O-rings that are located at the corners of The Green Pockets®, it is very easy to place these designer plant packages wherever you want. Simply fix them on a wall, fence, balcony railing or glass, and you can easily connect them to create an adorable functional decoration.


Stainless steel rings at the corners used together with our snap hooks give us the advantage of joining them together.

After joining several pieces, a continuous surface creates a flowery joy. You can choose from a wide range of colour variants. How do individual colours affect people and how to combine colours to delight the eye? You can find this information for example here:

Now it's just up to you. Let's mix and match all by your taste and mood :)